2002. Eduardo and Estanislao opened the doors to Gandia, a studio specialized in commercial architecture.
Simple lines, impressive architecture and high aesthetic value define the character of Gandias’ designs.
Light plays a leading role. It is conceived as malleable material, essential in housing projects, business premises, furniture and objects.
Creating design drafts to use on disposable items and experimenting with innovative resources show the enthusiasm Gandia has for reuse.
Inspiration and restlessness permanently encourage the Studio to participate in design and architecture fairs.

Eduardo Gandia

Eduardo was born in March 1971. Until he was ten years old he lived in the outskirts of a small town, always surrounded by nature. That is perhaps where he found his love for animals, passion for retro designs and vintage, which strives him to reuse objects that have become obsolete to give them a new destiny. Maybe because of that he refuses to get rid of his scooter Iso Milano from 1958.


Estanislao Gandia

Estanislao is the youngest of three brothers. He was born on a particularly cold morning on 23rd of June 1977. There are two things which characterize him. On one hand he takes apart everything that comes his way (motivated by a deep curiosity for how things are made, which led to his nickname “The Destroyer”), on the other hand for building models in shoe boxes to play with toy cars. Given his background he didn’t have much trouble deciding for architecture. He attended the prestigious Colegio Nacional de Monserrat, studied at the Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo (Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning) of UNC and since 2003 he has started to fully dedicate himself to his passion.